Thursday, February 8, 2007


Ha - bet you don't get THIS in New Zealand! (Actually, I think that they probably do - in fact, it'll be cleaner, drier, and possibly ski-able. But I bet that they don't make really tall snowmen).

Sorry about the hopeless pic - new camera, left it on ISO1600 by mistake. (GRR - either use MANUAL mode and THINK about what you're doing, or leave it on AUTO. Mucking about in P mode without checking stuff like this leads to hopeless snaps. Ah well.)

Back garden before we started:


Helen said...

Summer has finally decided to kick in at last, and we've had a bit of a heatwave during the last week, so photos of snow are just what we need in order to cool the blood!

I can't belive how grown-up Lauren looks. How old is she now?

RDewsbery said...

She's 4 1/2. Midway through the reception year at school.