Sunday, January 14, 2007

Dice Towers Done!

I'll do a full post tomorrow, but I just wanted to say YES! I've finished all eight of the dice towers.

Now it's a matter of finding homes for 6 or 7 of them. I wonder what people will think they are worth?

True cost - in terms of materials and tools, but allowing nothing for labour - probably amounts to about £45 each. Labour-wise, each one probably took about 2-3 hours (including the design work - by the end, I'd got assembly down to under an hour).

One of them squeaks a bit when folding up the dice tray (I'm guessing some glue got into the hinge part), and another just looks a bit scruffy around the joins (better than all my previous dice towers, but not as good as it's 7 siblings - I'll sell it half-price as a "factory second").

But overall I'm very happy with the results.


Helen said...

Oi, come on, Richard; some of us are waiting with baited breath here for the next instalment! :-)

RDewsbery said...

I know. I've been very lazy. Took all the photos of the assembly process, but I've not uploaded them yet.

I'll try really, really hard to get it done today or tomorrow.