Tuesday, January 2, 2007

OK, Just One More ...

In an effort to break the Blog's bandwidth limit on the first day, here's a full-sized, straight from the camera pic of Lauren plus Polo (the bear, not the mint - hey, she chose the name, I had nothing to do with it).

No post-production at all on this one - you're getting the JPG as the camera intended, all 6 megapixels.

OK, the levels are a little off - blame the photographer (who in turn will blame the harsh, pop-up flash). Of course, I can probably fix this by spending more money.

The colours seem OK (except the oak floor - in reality it doesn't look quite this good), but the background is a little dark. On the other hand, if the shot brought out the detail of the TV cabinet and contents then you might stop looking at Lauren, and as the whole point of the shot is to show off our little stunner (yes, and Lauren), there's not much point in my worrying about the background.

By the way, the polar bear looks miserable because Lauren's right cheek is covered in chocolate spread, and she's in the middle of smearing it all over Polo's face. I look just as unhappy when she tries to do the same to me.


Iain said...

Hi Richard - I warn you now, those digital camera thingies are very addictive. Those bits of glass are expensive too - we've restricted outselves to just one extra telephoto so far, but it's hard work resisting the temptation.

Lauren seems to be aging at a scary rate - tell her to stop growing up immediatly, it's making me feel old.

RDewsbery said...


Yup, she'll be too big to pick up before I know it (though that might be due to the atrophying physique of mine).

I've also decided to limit myself to one extra zoom telephoto, and a cheap-ish one at that. But Lord, the Nikon 18-200 AF-S VR looks like a really nice lens, and would never need to be taken off the camera. Shame it's £200 more than the camera costs. Jan says I can live without it, or else I'll be living without It.