Tuesday, January 2, 2007

A Photo Of Lauren

If there's a point to this post, it's (i) to see if I CAN actually post a photo without bringing the net to a grinding halt, and (ii) to announce the fact that I now own a DSLR.

WHY I need to own a DSLR is a different matter, given that I only ever take what could politely be described as "snaps", and spending money on a new Nikon is somewhat unlikely to actually improve the objective quality of the snaps. But right now, I am enjoying owning a camera that takes the picture when I press the button, and not a geological age later. And there's all that wonderful "window shopping" that I can do for new lenses (I gather us serious photographers actually call lenses "glass" - helps differentiate us from the snapping oiks, I suppose).

Anyway, here's Lauren on her scooter. Taken with the new Nikon D40. Redeye (I thought that I'd escaped that particular bane of compact cameras, but it still shows up in a small percentage of photos) removed using the in-camera software, then (again, in camera) reduced to 640x480).

One of the things that I rather like about the D40 is the way that I can get away without having to load up Photoshop for simple tasks like this. Of course, no amount of in-camera work or post-production can alleviate the effects of poor composition. So I apologise for the inclusion of the door frame, and the discarded coa in the background that makes Lauren look like she's got some sort of growths sticking out of the top of her head. I have taken better photos, honest, but this was chosen because of the red-eye fix (I thought that the camera handled it really well; I remember back in the day having to use Photoshop to recolour each and every pixel on the pupil - so if you think that reading the Blog is tedious, spare a thought for people who had to retouch digital photos by hand).

So that's me playing with my favourite Christmas present, taking a picture of Lauren playing with hers. After spending the last 7 days zooming round the lounge on the perishing thing, it's now been banished to outdoors.

No harm was done to the skirting boards during the making of this movie.

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