Saturday, January 13, 2007

A week speeds by ...

Was it really a week since my last post?

Seems like 3 days at the absolute most. Weird.

OK, work was pretty busy this week, and gaming was limited to giving my father a brief kicking at Battlelore, but still - a whole week? Are you sure? Wow.

I'm hoping that tomorrow will remain dry (somewhat optimistically, given the way it's been tipping it down ever since Christmas) so I can take Lauren to Sutton Park. As a thinly-veiled excuse to take some outdoor pictures, obviously. If it manages to stay dry for the requisite amount of time then I'll be back on here sometime later with the results; and I'll also put up a few shots of the finished dice towers (boy will I be glad to see the back of them).

Does anyone know if I can post movie clips here? I'm just thinking that one of the tower "at work" might be a good idea.

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